Startup Essentials - Ripoff and scammersl

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I was pressured into a contract that was uncancelable, and now the company is no longer in business, and another company put the money up front, and they want their money. Why should I have to pay for something that is no longer up and running. I have stopped payments, and now I am afraid of being sued

I need a way to get out of this mess. There are alot of other sites, that have posted the same consumer complaints.

The name of the company is Startup Essentials, and A-1 leasing , they got their money from a place Called BondCorpaoration, but the first company no longer exsist, and after trying to contact them, I found out they are no longer in business,so I have a laptop computer that doesn't work, and business that doesn't exsist anymore, and a big payment that I can't afford. That was about a year ago . I feel like this is fraud on their part

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